Las Vegas, Nevada
February 15-19, 2015

Garrett Pachtinger
Approach to the Hemoabdomen
Respiratory Complications of Trauma
Analgesia and Inflammation in the ER
ER Life Saving Procedures (Abdominocentesis, Thoracocentesis, Pericardiocentesis, etc)
Update on CPR:  The Recover Initiative
Important Literature You Missed:  JVECC Literature Review of 2014 That Will Change Your Life!

Justin Mathis
The Hypoxic Patient:  Solving the Mystery
Traumatic Coagulopathy:  Does All Bleeding Eventually Stop?
Post-Thoracotomy Care
Sepsis & the Heart:  Treating Cardiovascular Instability
Mechanical Ventilation:  The Basics
Acid/Base Analysis:  Putting Together the Puzzle

Marie Holowaychuk
Crystalloids Vs Colloids:  The Continuing Controversy
Lactate:  What Does it Mean and When is it Helpful?
Management of the Flat Cat (They are Not Just Small Dogs)
Airway Obstructions:  What to Do When They Can't Breath!
Abdominal Fluid Colletion and Analysis Made Easy
Diagnosis and Management of Acute Kidney Injury