Other Conferences

Las Vegas, Nevada
February 15-19, 2015

Garrett Pachtinger
Approach to the Hemoabdomen
Respiratory Complications of Trauma
Analgesia and Inflammation in the ER
ER Life Saving Procedures (Abdominocentesis, Thoracocentesis, Pericardiocentesis, etc)
Update on CPR:  The Recover Initiative
Important Literature You Missed:  JVECC Literature Review of 2014 That Will Change Your Life!

Justin Mathis
The Hypoxic Patient:  Solving the Mystery
Traumatic Coagulopathy:  Does All Bleeding Eventually Stop?
Post-Thoracotomy Care
Sepsis & the Heart:  Treating Cardiovascular Instability
Mechanical Ventilation:  The Basics
Acid/Base Analysis:  Putting Together the Puzzle

Marie Holowaychuk
Crystalloids Vs Colloids:  The Continuing Controversy
Lactate:  What Does it Mean and When is it Helpful?
Management of the Flat Cat (They are Not Just Small Dogs)
Airway Obstructions:  What to Do When They Can't Breath!
Abdominal Fluid Colletion and Analysis Made Easy
Diagnosis and Management of Acute Kidney Injury

Tampa, Florida
March 12-15, 2015

Elke Rudloff
Resuscitation From Hypovolemic Shock: Moving In & Preventing the Kill
CPR: Is Anything New?
Endocrine Crises in the  ER
GDV and Other GI Emergencies

Indianapolis, Indiana
June 3-6, 2015

Marie Kerl
Recognizing and Managing Acute Kidney Injury
Complicated Feline Urinary Obstruction

Lenore Bacek
Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia: Beyond Steroid Therapy
Recognition and Treatment of the Hypercoagulable Canine Patient

Amy Koenigshof
Non-Regenerative Anemias in Dogs
Approach to the Bleeding Patient

Adesola Odunayo
Revisiting Plasma Transfusions: Review of Indications and Controversies Associated with Fresh Frozen Plasma Transfusions
Review of Top 5 Transfusion Related Articles in the Past Year

EVECCS 2015 Congress
Lyon, France
June 12-14, 2015
"Kidneys - The Filter of Life"

More details available at www.eveccs2015.org

Boston, Massachusetts
July 10-14, 2015

Kari Beer
Plasma Transfusion:  Friend or Foe?
Fluid Therapy in 2015, What you should know
Azotemia:  Now What?
The Blocked Cat:  What's New?

Liz Rozanski
Stabilization of the Polytrauma Patient
Update on CPR:  How to Send Them Home!
The Dreaded Short of Breath Cat
Fresh Whole Blood:  Does it Have a Role?
Recognizing Interstitial Lung Disease

Rob Goggs
Multiple Organ Dysfunction:  Why You Should Care!
Biomarkers:  Use and Abuse!
Using Antithrombotics in Practice

Beer, Rozanski, Goggs

Bundling Care In Sepsis, The Role of Protocols and The Rational Use of Antibiotics:  A Case Based Discussion