Other Conferences

Nashville, TN
June 4-7, 2014

Karl Jandrey
Inflammation, Coagulation and HCM:  What's the Link?
Jandrey's Review of the Top 5 Coagulation Articles

Gretchen Schoefler
Differentiating Cardiogenic from Other Causes of Acute Repiratory Distress in Small Animals
Respiratory Pattern Recognition in Dogs and Cats with Acute Respiratory Distress

Christopher Byers
Bacterial Translocation and Nutrition in Critically Ill Dogs and Cats
Principles of Fluid Therapy in Sepsis and SIRS in Dogs and Cats

Allison Sande
Endpoints of resuscitation and early goal directed therapy in dogs and cats
Shock principles in the cat

Denver, Colorado
June 25-29, 2014

Tim Hackett
Canine Respiratroy Emergencies
Feline Respiratory Emergencies
Intraosseus Fluid Resuscitation

Claire Sharp
The ER Approach to Sepsis
The ER Approach to Trauma
Using Ultrasound to Identify Free Abdominal Fluid - Practice Tip

Raegan Wells
Current Concepts in Rattlesnake Envenoming Therapies
The Acute Abdomen
Hypertonic Saline in the ER and ICU - Practice Tip

Hackett, Sharp and Wells
Inside the Issues:  Veterinary Trauma Centers. What are they, what is the benefit to my patient, client and practice?

San Diego, California
October 16-18, 2014

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