Zaslow Distinguished Service Award

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The VECCS Distinguished Service Award is named for Ira M. Zaslow, one of the founding fathers of VECCS and ACVECC.  Since the early 1970’s, Dr. Zaslow has worked tirelessly to develop and spearhead the advancement of veterinary emergency and critical care.  His commitment, dedication, vision, and service to the organization are legendary and unsurpassed.  Through his original efforts, VECCS and ACVECC have become prominent veterinary organizations and IVECCS has become a world-renowned international symposium.

Past Recipients

2019  Dr. Elizabeth Rozanski
2018  Dr. Elisa Mazzaferro
2017  Dr. F.A. “Tony” Mann
2016  Dr. Pamela Wilkins
2015  Dr. Jennifer Devey
2014  Dr. Bernie Hansen
2013  Dr. Lesley King
2012  Harold Davis, RVT, VTS (ECC)
2011  Dr. Dennis Burkett
2009  Dr. Karol Mathews
2008  Dr. Elke Rudloff
2007  Dr. Ken Drobatz
2006  Dr. Douglass “Dougie” K. Macintire
2005  Dr. Marc R. Raffe
2004  Dr. Dennis “Tim” Crowe
2003  Dr. Rebecca Kirby
2002  Dr. Steve Haskins
2000  Dr. Wayne Wingfield
1998  Dr. James Milligan
1996  Dr. Gary Stamp
1994  Dr. Ira Zaslow