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VECCS and Vetstream

The VECCS BOD and Staff are constantly seeking high value educational programs to provide as member benefits to our members. We currently  have an opportunity to retain Vetstream, Ltd, to provide a comprehensive menu of on-line education and training programs covering multiple species and topics in a variety of formats. To include more than 20,000 text articles, owner factsheets, images with animated bullet points, links to many peer reviewed journals, videos etc. A subscription is necessary to be able to access the nearly infinite education options. Note, the materials are peer refereed to ensure credibility. We have made a special arrangement with Vetstream to provide us with a FREE 30 day trial  to gauge the interest of our members. If there is sufficient interest, then VECCS will contract for a specified number of subscriptions to be made available free as a member benefit. We urge you to sign-in through the link provided below and investigate the various high quality options. Please enjoy - we hope you find this to be a valuable member benefit. I suggest that you open the link to the e-book to see a sample of Vetlexicon Canis content (albeit about Atopy) rather than one Critical Care. Also, here is a link to some of the video updates that summarizes new content that we have added. Canis November  Felis November   Then use the link below to subscribe for 30 days free content. Vetstream 30-Day Free Trial   Gary L. Stamp, ...