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IVECCS Needs Moderators!

We encourage you to consider volunteering.  Serving as a Moderator is a way for you to be involved in IVECCS and VECCS as well as playing a vital role in the symposium.

Requirements: Must be registered to attend the meeting as an attendee, speaker, or exhibitor and willing to moderate two or more half-day blocks as designated (a block consists of an entire morning or an entire afternoon – approximately 8 hours).  Registration will open in mid April 2018.

Duties: Manage the session(s) by introducing the speaker, controlling the lights, sound, entry/exit of attendees, assisting with audiovisual needs of the speaker, etc.

Remuneration: Volunteers who moderate at least two (2) half-day blocks will be invited (along with his/her spouse/companion) to attend the Speaker/Moderator Reception.

Please complete the form below.  We will make every attempt to assign you to the dates/times and sessions you prefer. You will be notified of your schedule 3-4 weeks prior to IVECCS in addition to Moderator Orientation meeting details, which will be held at IVECCS at a time and room location to be announced later.

Thank you, and please feel free to email [email protected] if you have any questions.