2019 IVECCS Program Highlights

The IVECCS lecture program is built to fit the needs of all who encounter emergency and critically ill or injured small or large animals. Modules are designated as Fundamental, General, VECCSpert, Specialist, etc., to indicate the level of information to be presented; attendees are welcome to any open lecture regardless of level. A theme is chosen to highlight an aspect of ECC, but topics extend beyond the theme. This year the theme is “The Critical Kidney”.

New this Year

Sessions are also planned to help the veterinary team navigate the challenges of opioid drugs. In addition to the popular Local and Regional Blocks workshop and wet lab, there will be a session on Interprofessional Responsibilities for Identification and Referrals as well as technician-focused sessions. For technicians preparing for their AVECCTN credentials and technicians looking to master their skill-set, two interactive, model and cadaver-based skills labs are offered on Sunday. Attendees can sign up for the Advanced Vascular Access lab, the Advanced Technical Procedures lab, or both. The ACVAA special focus sessions will include topics on local anesthetic therapies that can decrease the need for opioids. With the increased availability of renal replacement therapy, there will be sessions introducing this cocnept to all levels of practitioners.

Returning this Year

“CPR Battle” with competing teams will be conducted again and early registration is recommended to be able to show off your team’s CPR skills.  Several sessions on Ethics will continue to explore perplexing ethical issues and common dilemmas. Flexible Endoscopy wet lab for learning skills on upper GI foreign body removal is also again available for the practitioner looking to increase their skills.

Veterinarian and Technician Multidisciplinary Reviews

Two half-day sessions each for veterinarians and technicians are held on Friday prior to the start of the Core sessions. In-depth presentations including relevant pathophysiology, critical care pharmacology, shock and more will be directed at those seeking specialty certification or an advanced discussion of clinical topics. Separate proceedings booklets will be provided. These sessions have limited seating and sell out early, so we recommend registering early to ensure you have spot. (Additional fee required.)


This superb line-up of nearly 100 abstracts includes two half-days of Emergency and Critical Care abstracts, two full-day tracks of ACVAA Small Animal Abstracts plus a half-day of Large Animal Abstracts. Awards will be given for the best ACVECC SA Resident, ACVAA Resident and best LA Resident Abstracts. Over 40 poster abstracts will also be shown.


We are pleased to have the American College of Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia (ACVAA), the Academy of Veterinary Technician Anesthesia and Analgesia (AVTAA), and the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management (IVAPM) continue to partner with IVECCS! ACVAA has scheduled two tracks of abstracts, several anesthesia/analgesia focused labs as well a “Special Focus” track. A portion of these tracts will be devoted to a discussion on specialist level topics and issues. On Friday afternoon, IVAPM has planned a special Pain Management Review session for IVECCS attendees. Study guidelines and sample questions will be given on Friday afternoon to demonstrate the expertise needed to qualify for AVTAA and AVECCT certifications. The Association of Veterinary Hematology and Transfusion Medicine (AVHTM) will also join us to coordinate topics highly relevant to the ECC practitioner.


Presented by ACVAA and IVAPM, protocols for specific cases, new and practical techniques to benefit all practitioners. The ACVAA Special Focus will present topics related to anesthesia and the kidney. Perioperative pharmacotherapeutic agents will be highlighted.

Avian & Exotics

This program will include two half-day modules of core lectures on the top 10 emergency presentations of avian, small mammals, and reptiles. An exotics emergency procedures lab is scheduled for Monday morning and case studies Monday afternoon. The program will feature internationally recognized exotic medicine experts.

Case Reports

Interesting cases presented by veterinarians and technicians working “in the trenches.” These presenters will share their experiences, both good and not so good, in supporting various emergency and critical care cases. An award is given for the best Technician/ Nurse, Small Animal and Nutrition based case reports.

Ethics and Beyond

Ethical dilemmas are inherent in emergency and critical care medicine.  Networking with colleagues who experience the same end of life discussions you experience is a unique opportunity to dig deep into the complicated layers of our unique predicaments.  Attend the IVECCS ethics sessions and benefit from collaborative discussions designed to help you navigate the most challenging ethical scenarios.

Large Animal Program 

The Large Animal sessions at IVECCS 2019 will be fantastic this year offering a little of something for everyone! The speakers this year include a renowned expert on equine renal physiology, Dr. Hal Schott, who will speak on several topics including why renal physiology should matter to the criticalist, renal function assessments, and acute and chronic kidney disease.  Other renal-related topics include bisphosphonates and the equine kidney, customizing the fluid plan to your patient, and chloride-associated metabolic conditions.  Excellent speakers including Dr. Rose Nolen-Watson and Dr. Kelsey Hart will also cover metabolic resuscitation in sepsis and acid-base physiology.  Additional fabulous guest speakers include Dr. Tom Divers from Cornell University, who will speak on advances in the diagnosis and treatment of colitis, and Dr. Louise Southwood from the University of Pennsylvania who will review advances in the diagnosis and treatment of surgical colic.  Dr. Sandy Taylor from Purdue University will present a nice discussion and update on of a variety of infectious diseases. We also will have a wonderful host of speakers presenting cutting edge research in the abstract session and a new BLAST emergency procedure session comprised of four brief, back-to-back, practical, how-to sessions.  Other fascinating topics include endocrine dysfunction in sepsis, the gastrointestinal microbiome in disease and health, and emergency management of the poisoned patient to name just a few.  This year’s program promises another well-received collection of speakers and topics so do not miss us in Washington D.C.!

Leadership Development

If you are a leader looking to positively influence the direction of your practice, the IVECCS Leadership Development can get you on the right path. This full day session is designed for veterinarians and the veterinary health care team, to create a veterinary dream team out of negativity, conflict and multi-generational differences. This full day course is taught by Karlene Belyea to give you the communication skills to to work towards a happier and more stable practice team.

Practice Management

If you are looking to network with veterinary practice leaders and learn how to take your practice to the next level, then IVECCS 2019 is for you. From creating a vibrant, engaged practice team to bringing balance to your practice budget, IVECCS 2019 offers four days of high-level lectures and workshops lead by respected leaders in our profession.CVPM Qualified CE! 2019 IVECCS Management Program meets the guidelines for acceptable CVPM continuing education.

Professional Wellness

In an effort to fulfill IVECCS’ ongoing commitment to professional wellness, IVECCS 2019 offers lectures design to provide attendees with the tools needed to recognize professional stress and the strategies that help us create healthy cultures and healthy habits.

Resident Focus

A three-hour program Tuesday morning featuring seven 30-minute original papers presented by residents and new diplomates; papers will be selected from a pool of submissions. Very progressive topics, including recent research and case studies. Always a very popular and exciting session.

Surgery/Disaster Response

IVECCS will include several sessions covering surgical and disaster response topics. Lectures and wet labs will cover surgery involving the urinary tract system. The Advanced surgery techniques LES and wet lab will again be included. Speakers with personal and first-hand experience will be presenting topics that come from their own experience dealing with disasters.

Technician Program

Network with approx. 800 fellow technicians in lots of interesting courses. General sessions are ideal for technicians that have an interest in emergency and critical care, but not much experience. Advanced sessions are the perfect blend of general and specialist, with some time spent on intro level, which quickly builds to advanced material. The specialist sessions are ideal for technicians with an advanced level of knowledge in emergency and/ or critical care, who want more challenging lectures. These sessions are perfect for those preparing for the VTS Examinations, or current VTS.

Wet Labs, Dry Labs, Workshops & Small Group Seminars

In addition to the general scientific program open sessions, there will be over 65 Limited Enrollment Sessions (LES). See the complete listing of all labs and workshops on the Registration Form (pages  and the Limited Enrollment Session Descriptions. Several lower urinary tract wet labs as well as a few  Train the Trainer courses are offered, including the highly popular K9 Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Trainer Course as well as the CPR Instructor Course; spots will fill immediately so sign-up early. RESIDENTS/INTERNS: Receive a 25% discount on regular Limited Enrollment Session fees (excluding MDR sessions and one-hour LES’s).

Additional Core Modules

Respiratory, ICU, Pharmacology, Neurology, Cardiovascular, Gastrointestinal, Feline, Fluid Therapy, Monitoring, Imaging, Intensive Care, Coagulation, Nutrition and more!