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Abstract & Case Report Schedules

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Q&A Sunday, September 13

SA-1 Physical compatibility of injectable enrofloxacin with intravenous fluids and drugs during simulated y-port administration
Aghili, A

SA-2 Assessment of Fio2 in dogs with nasal prongs, standard nasal catheter, nasaopharyngeal catheter, and high-flow oxygen therapy during normal breathing and while panting Angulo, HL

SA-3 Retrospective evaluation of clinical out-comes in cases of blunt and penetrating trauma in canines- a VetCOT registry study Davros, AM

SA-4 Retrospective evaluation of the admission vitals and clinical presentation of cats with brain herniation (2010-2019): 20 cases Her, J

SA-5 Prevalence of sonographically-detected gallbladder wall edema in dogs diagnosed with acute hemorrhagic diarrhea syndrome
Lisciandro, GR

SA-6 Response of the VCM Vet™ viscoelastic testing monitor to simulated operator user error and delayed filling Schmitz, KL

SA-7 Stability of hemostatic activity in leukoreduced and non-leukoreduced canine plasma units stored refrigerated or frozen for 7 days after collection Spada, E

SA-8 Perioperative autotransfusion without a cell-salvage device does not decrease survival time in dogs with hemangiosarcoma Stinnett, LR

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Saturday, September 12

9:00 AM Effects of propofol, alfaxalone and isoflurane on cerebral blood flow and cerebrovascular reactivity to CO2 in dogs  Gianluca Bini

9:12 AM Pharmacokinetics of a high concentration formulation of buprenorphine (Simbadol) in male dogs Jeremy Hansford

9:24 AM Sedative effects of alfaxalone and hydromorphone with or without midazolam in cats Emily Wheeler

9:36 AM The antinociceptive effects of a high-concentration formulation of buprenorphine alone or followed by hydromorphone in conscious cats Kara Moreno

9:50 AM Questions

10:05 AM 10 Minute Break

10:15 AM Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of intramuscular alfaxalone in central bearded dragons (Pogona vitticeps): effect of injection site Sarah Shippy

10:27 AM Sedative effects and pharmacokinetics of detomidine when administered intravenously and intravaginally as a gel to alpacas Natalie Chow

10:39 AM Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of meperidine in healthy horses Nicole Trenholme

10:51 AM The pharmacokinetics of fentanyl administered transdermally via a matrix delivery system at three different anatomic locations Heather Skrzypczak

11:05 AM Questions

11:20 AM 10 Minute Break

11:30 AM Lung aeration and volumes following recruitment maneuvers with three different airway pressures in healthy anesthetized and mechanically ventilated dogs Joaquin Araos

11:42 AM Regional maps of volumetric lung strain in healthy anesthetized dogs ventilated with varying tidal volumes and positive end-expiratory pressure Joaquin Araos

11:54 AM Regional distribution of static lung strain induced by positive-end expiratory pressure (PEEP) in healthy anesthetized and mechanically ventilated dogs Joaquin Araos

12:06 PM Respiratory compliances and dead spaces in dogs of various breeds: correlation with corporal measurements – preliminary results Joao Soares

12:20 PM Questions

12:35 PM 55 Minute Lunch Break

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1:30 PM Pilot study of a modification of a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine (RE-InVENT) for mechanical ventilation in response to the 2019 Coronavirus pandemic associated ventilator shortage Stuart Clark-Price

1:42 PM Evaluation of esophageal Doppler monitor using various sympathomimetic drugs in Beagle dogs Aman Chohan

1:54 PM Questions

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Saturday, September 12

9:00 AM Immunological reactions of meperidine in horses Nicole Trenholme

9:12 AM Toxicity assessment of buprenorphine on equine articular chondrocytes in vitro Gabriel Castro

9:24 AM Effects of an experimental preparation of encapsulated lidocaine on conduction blockade in sheep Erika Militana

9:36 AM Effects of intravenous administration of 7.2% hypertonic saline on cardiovascular parameters in healthy, anesthetized horses Megan Schnuelle

9:50 AM Questions

10:05 AM 10 Minute Break

10:15 AM Number of attempts to stand and recovery quality of horses anesthetized with an inspired fraction of oxygen (FiO2) of 0.95, 0.75, or 0.45 Monica Midon

10:27 AM Invasive blood pressure in anesthetized horses: does the artery site matter? Monica Midon

10:39 AM Cardiac output measurement with ultrasound dilution and echocardiography during normotension, hypotension and hypertension in anesthetized alpacas Noelia Diaz-Falcon

10:51 AM Effect of temperature and volume alterations on accuracy and trending of transpulmonary ultrasound dilution measurements Stephanie Hon

11:05 AM Questions

11:20 AM 10 Minute Break

11:30 AM Phenylbutazone, flunixin and meloxicam clinical efficacy for lameness and laminitis in horses Claire Scicluna

11:42 AM The effect of a dexmedetomidine constant rate infusion on cardiopulmonary function and colonic blood flow in anesthetized, experimentally endotoxemic horses Rachel Hector

11:54 AM Postoperative hyperthermia in cats treated with Simbadol or morphine: a retrospective study Cheyenne Cannarozzo

12:06 PM The use of thermography to detect changes in limb perfusion in anesthetized cats Stuart Clark-Price

12:20 PM Questions

12:35 PM 55 Minute Lunch Break

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1:30 PM Open approach to the ventral transversus abdominis plane in the dog: evaluation and injectate dispersion.
Muhammad Harfoush

1:42 PM Evaluation of the cardiovascular effects of an intramuscular medetomidine-vatinoxan combination drug in comparison to medetomidine in beagle dogs – a randomized blinded crossover laboratory study Fabiola Joerger

1:54 PM Questions

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Saturday, September 12

9:00 AM Use of extracorporeal blood purification in a dog with heat stroke Alyx Tracy

9:15 AM Gastroesophageal intussusception in a puppy Katrina Manson

9:30 AM Treatment of a dog with trauma induced coagulopathy, hemothorax, and abdominal wall hernia Andrea Henriksson

9:45 AM Suspected hepatotoxicity secondary to trazodone therapy in a dog Alexandria Arnold

10:00 AM Resolution of severe post-operative functional ileus after magnesium sulphate infusion in a dog Chiara Crinò

10:15 AM When what you don’t know can hurt you… Jami Becker

10:30 AM Salmonella where? Kaitlyn Mazzaccari

10:45 AM But she is pregnant! Heather Rhoden

11:00 AM The parvo that wasn’t- pancytopenia in a pediatric beagle! Philip Krawec

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Saturday, September 12

1:30 PM Introduction

1:45 PM Intestinal torsion in a dog Coty Pavelka

2:00 PM Mononuclear cell collection for T-cell therapy (hemangiosarcoma) Jessie Brown

2:15 PM Self-inoculated generalized tetanus from deceased porcupine in a golden retriever Katelyn MacLean

2:30 PM Emergency airway management in a dog Nan Painter

2:45 PM GI foreign body in a dog Victoria Patterson

3:00 PM TBD

Saturday, September 12

9:00 AM The effects of withholding feed for 24 hours on the equine fecal bacterial microbiota Jackie Willette

9:15 AM Identification of transferable antimicrobial resistance genes in probiotics Jamie Kopper

9:30 AM Surgical site infection following ventral midline celiotomy in horses and association with duration of antimicrobial therapy: a retrospective analysis Naomi Crabtree

9:45 AM Evaluation of the hemocue white blood cells device as poct method in horses Claire Scicluna

10:00 AM 15 Minute Break

10:15 AM Evaluation of a point-of-care viscoelastic coagulation monitor (VCM-VET) with preliminary establishment of healthy adult horse reference intervals Ann Kemper

10:30 AM In-vitro coagulation parameters in healthy and sick foals using the point-of-care (POC) viscoelastic coagulation monitor VET-VCM Alessandro Migliorisi

10:45 AM Effect of flunixin meglumine administration on in-vitro coagulation parameters in healthy adult horses using the point of care (POC) viscoelastic coagulation monitor VCM-VET Rebecca Bishop

11:00 AM Evaluation of the effect of skin preparation on impedance Ameila Munsterman

11:15 AM Evaluation of orally and rectally administered misoprostol in a low-dose endotoxin challenge in horses Shune Kimura

11:30 AM Evaluation of rabies antibody titers over the first three months of life in healthy foals that received hyperimmunized plasma Nathan Voris

11:45 AM 15 Minute Break

12:00 PM Pre-renal and renal failure in horses: a retrospective study of 265 cases from 1987 to 2019 Daniel Jean

12:15 PM A randomized, placebo-controlled, dose ranging, pilot clinical trial to assess esomeprazole for the resolution of gastric ulcers in horses Emily Sundman

Sunday, September 13

7:50 AM Introduction/Explanations Mann, FA

8:00 AM Resolution of hyperfibrinolysis in dogs with spontaneous hemoperitoneum following surgical control of hemorrhage DeStefano, IM

8:12 AM Discussion

8:15 AM Association between viscoelastic coagulation parameters and trauma-induced hemorrhagic effusion in 92 dogs Hindmarsh, DD

8:27 AM Discussion

8:30 AM Use of citrated whole blood for point-of-care viscoelastic coagulation testing in dogs York-Giger, WD

8:42 AM Discussion

8:45 AM Comparison of a commercial immunochromatographic strip crossmatch kit and standard laboratory crossmatch methods
for blood transfusion compatibility in dogs Zaremba, RM

8:57 AM Discussion

9:00 AM Determination of pre-sample volume necessary to obtain accurate laboratory parameters from central venous catheters in dogs Murray, ME

9:12 AM Discussion

9:15 AM Serum and ionized magnesium concentrations in healthy and sick dogs Murray, ME

9:27 AM Discussion

9:30 AM Ultrasonic Doppler-guided catheterization of the dorsal pedal artery in dogs and cats under general anesthesia Koid, AE

9:42 AM Discussion

9:45 AM Prospective clinical trial comparing the use of amoxicillin-clavulanic acid versus amoxicillin-clavulanic acid and enrofloxacin in dog bite wounds: 31 cases (February 2019-july 2020) Kalnins, NJ

9:57 AM Discussion

10:00 AM 15 Minute Break

10:15 AM Gastric or duodenal perforation and secondary septic peritonitis following NSAID administration: a retrospective study in 32 dogs Pfeifer, JM

10:27 AM Discussion

10:30 AM Retrospective evaluation of bupivacaine liposome injectable suspension in canine caesarean section Pfeifer, JM

10:42 AM Discussion

10:45 AM Clinical course and clinicopathologic findings in cats presenting for dystocia: a retrospective evaluation of 26 cases Bailin, HG

10:57 AM Discussion

11:00 AM Indication and outcome of puppies undergoing mechanical ventilation (56 cases: 2006 – 2019) Lemieux, E

11:12 AM Discussion

11:15 AM Risk factors, outcome and survival of dogs and cats with congestive heart failure undergoing positive pressure ventilation Oppenheimer, N

11:27 AM Discussion

11:30 AM Liponucleotides improve gas exchange in mice with ARDS and dogs with aspiration pneumonia Young, AA

11:42 AM Discussion

11:45 AM Evaluation of plasma inflammatory biomarkers and coagulation assays in canine anaphylaxis secondary to suspected hymenoptera envenomation Turner, K

11:57 AM Discussion

12:00 PM Lunch Break

Sunday, September 13

1:20 PM Introduction/Explanations Mann, FA

1:30 PM The effect of the use of an impedance threshold device on end-tidal carbon dioxide partial pressure and return of spontaneous circulation in dogs undergoing cardiopulmonary resuscitation after in-hospital cardiac arrest Unger, K

1:42 PM Discussion

1:45 PM The RECOVER CPR registry: multicenter, standardized reporting of CPR events in dogs and cats Hoehne, SN

1:57 PM Discussion

2:00 PM Development of a veterinary trauma score (VetCOT score) in canine trauma patients with performance evaluation and comparison to the animal trauma triage (ATT) score: a VetCOT registry study Chik, CP

2:12 PM Discussion

2:15 PM Geriatric trauma: a VetCOT registry study of 6,169 dogs sustaining moderate to severe trauma Cooper, ES

2:27 PM Discussion

2:30 PM Plasma coagulation assays in dogs after 6% hydroxyethyl starch 130/0.4 or Hartmann’s solution Boyd, CJ

2:42 PM Discussion

2:45 PM Effectiveness of intravenous fluid resuscitation in hypotensive cats: 82 cases (2012 – 2019) Chalifoux, NC

2:57 PM Discussion

3:00 PM Standardized capillary refill time and relation to clinical parameters of hospitalized dogs Chalifoux, NC

3:12 PM Discussion

3:15 PM The wedge sign: a lung ultrasound sign supportive of pulmonary thromboembolism Lisciandro, GR

3:27 PM Discussion

3:30 PM 15 Minute Break

3:45 PM Sepsis model-related differences in the myocardial calcium regulatory proteins expression Goncalves, RPM

3:57 PM Discussion

4:00 PM Field decontamination of working dogs in a chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) environment Venn, EC

4:12 PM Discussion

4:15 PM Ex-vivo evaluation of ibuprofen removal by Aimalogic v100-atlas hemoperfusion device from canine whole blood Londono, L

4:27 PM Discussion

4:30 PM Successful treatment of amanita mushroom poisoning in five dogs using an adapted version of the Santa Cruz protocol for humans Goupil, RC

4:42 PM Discussion

4:45 PM Launch of the first canine mobile blood donation center in South Korea: development, outcomes, and influence of an animal bloodmobile unit Choi, H

4:57 PM Discussion