Lunch & Learn

Join us for lunch on Thursday and Friday for two special resident level lectures.  All are invited!  Additional fee of $50/each.


12:30-1:30pm (Holt & Drobatz) GDV Reperfusion and Perfusion: How Real is the Problem?
Animals with GDV have reperfusion injury when resuscitated and decompressed. How severe is this problem? Do we need to treat and what alternatives do we have? This session will take GDV to the pathophysiologic level.
• Understand the factors and mechanisms involved in reperfusion injury
• Understand the potential different reperfusion injury pathways
• Understand the range of severity of this type of injury in GDV dogs
• Explore possible resuscitation and reperfusion injury treatment strategies
1 CE Credit


12:30-1:30pm (Holt) Bowel Healing: What is the Evidence?
We all perform surgery on the gastrointestinal system on emergency cases, but what is important for excellent bowel healing? What can we do to minimize the chance of leakage? This session addresses the physiology and pathophysiology of bowel injury and repair.
• Understand how bowel healing is assessed
• Understand the problems interpreting experimental studies on bowel healing
• Evaluate evidence from clinical studies on bowel healing
1 CE Credit