Lunch & Learn

Join us for lunch on Thursday and Friday for two of our special resident level lectures.  All are invited!  Additional fee of $60/each.


12:30-1:20pm (Barnes-Heller) Resident Level Review- Traumatic Brain Injury

Caring for a patient with traumatic brain injury requires an understanding of neuroanatomy and physiology of the intracranial structures. We will review these topics, plus monitoring and treatment choices for animals affected by traumatic brain injury.

• Be able to localize an intracranial lesion in a post-traumatic patient.
• Be able to utilize the Modified Glasgow Coma Scale appropriately for post traumatic patients.

• Gain confidence with managing intracranial pressure changes.

1 CE Credit


12:30-1:20pm (Odunayo) Resident Level Review- Vasoplegia
This session will review the definition, pathophysiology and therapy (both standard and upcoming) for vasoplegic shock).
• Understand the definition and pathophysiology of vasoplegia
• Review the role of adrenergic vasopressors, vasopressin, glucocorticoids, selepressin, angiotensin II and methylene blue in the therapy of vasoplegic shock.
1 CE Credit

12:30-1:20pm (Barnes-Heller) Walk This Way: Small Animal Gait Assessment for technicians
What does it mean to be paraparetic, or have a proprioceptive ataxia? When a client calls and says their dog or cat is weak, what questions can you ask to help decide if the pet has a neurologic or orthopedic weakness? Is the problem urgent or can it wait until the next available appointment?
• Understand the difference between ataxia and paresis
• Be able to list the 3 different types of ataxia and their distinguishing movements.
1 CE Credit