Become a VECCS Ambassador

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Who can be an Ambassador?

If you are a VECCS Veterinarian or Technician and you speak publicly or interface with audiences in the veterinary community or associated groups such as search and rescue, police, agility, breeders, etc., you can help spread the word and encourage membership in VECCS.

What does an Ambassador do?

  • Insert 2-3 slides into your presentations and spend a few minutes discussing VECCS and the benefits of membership.
  • Answer questions and encourage specialty certification for AVECCT and ACVECC.
  • Provide brochures and/or information cards to hand out that are provided by VECCS.
  • Contribute a few hours at VECCS expo booths at symposia you are attending.
  • Provide feedback on how VECCS can best serve its members.
If you would like to become a VECCS Ambassador or would like more information, please send an email to [email protected].